Three Types Of Events To Host To Promote Your Essential Oils Business

People who have online essential oils memberships can benefit from using social media to recruit not only customers, but also other people who may be interested in selling their own oils. While social media is valuable, you must also remember that in-person events can be highly critical for developing people’s interest in your brand. Plan to have different events — which you can obviously advertise on social media — that will allow people to see, hold, and smell your essential oils.

Akashic Records, Astral Planes And Past Lives: What These Three Things Have In Common

If you have recently heard the phrase, “akashic records healing,” you might be wondering if this is some sort of New Age recording studio or music group. In fact, it is actually a spiritual approach to healing what has been written and will be written about you on another plane of existence. It is connected to astral planes and past lives, too. If this seems confusing to you, here is some more information on what akashic records are and what it has in common with astral planes and past lives.

The Fool And The Hanged Man: 2 Often Misunderstood Tarot Cards

If you’re new to tarot card readings done by a psychic services professional, then you might be confused when seeing certain cards in the Major Arcane. The pictures on the cards might suggest one interpretation, but it’s important to realize that the pictures can be misleading. For example, The Devil is not a harbinger of evil. Likewise, Death is not always symbolic of physical death. This article will focus on two of the lesser-known tarot cards (The Fool and The Hanged Man) that are also often misunderstood.

Reassurance During A Time Of Grief: Why You Should Buy Kaddish Prayer Plans

The kaddish prayer, while it is often spoken in memorial of the dead, it actually a prayer practice for the living. It teaches people of the Jewish faith that they need to draw closer to God in times of great sorrow and loss. While it is important that you be an active participant in the prayer and grieving process, you can also involve the greater and extended Jewish community as a whole to pray with you.

Looking For Treasures In A Used Bookstore

If you are in search for the perfect gift for a friend and you are limited in funds, you may be able to find something unique and exciting from a used bookstore. While books are always appreciated by recipients, there are also a variety of hidden treasures in many of these establishments. Here are a few of the wares used bookstores have been known to carry. Book Accompaniments Browse the selection of books a used bookstore has on hand and select an inexpensive book in a subject you feel your friend would enjoy.