Looking For Treasures In A Used Bookstore

If you are in search for the perfect gift for a friend and you are limited in funds, you may be able to find something unique and exciting from a used bookstore. While books are always appreciated by recipients, there are also a variety of hidden treasures in many of these establishments. Here are a few of the wares used bookstores have been known to carry.

Book Accompaniments

Browse the selection of books a used bookstore has on hand and select an inexpensive book in a subject you feel your friend would enjoy. The amount of money you save on the reading material can be used to purchase a fringed bookmark, decorative reading glasses, a magnifying glass, a small clip-on reading lamp or a book cover or two. You may find a portfolio-style bag to keep the book protected from inclement weather or a sturdy book stand for your friend to set the book upon if they need to use two hands to do another task while reading.

Maps And Globes

If your friend enjoys traveling, look at the used book selection regarding this topic. You may find a book about an off the beaten path location that looks intriguing or a guide of the best hotels to stay in an area your friend frequents regularly. In addition to travel books, see if the travel section offers goodies in a map form. Many used bookstores have educational tools, including globes or paper maps. You may find maps inside books about certain areas as well. Be on the lookout for maps that pair well with a book you have selected for a gift your friend will be sure to appreciate.

Knickknacks And Keepsakes

Bookstores hold a variety of office materials such as calendars, paperweights, clocks and knickknacks. Some used bookstores will have sections for these items or they may be placed in the front of the store near the cash register as they are great add-on items. Check for interesting pencils or pens, rulers, or note pads. With a little imagination, you may be able to make up a gift basket full of office goodies for someone's home or place of work.

Activities And Toys

Some used bookstores offer a variety of toys including stuffed animals, science kits, and cognitive or memory games. They often have a section set aside with educational activities including flashcards, work books, and brain teasers. If you need a gift for a younger friend, or just one who is young at heart, this section may have something right up their alley.

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