Reassurance During A Time Of Grief: Why You Should Buy Kaddish Prayer Plans

The kaddish prayer, while it is often spoken in memorial of the dead, it actually a prayer practice for the living. It teaches people of the Jewish faith that they need to draw closer to God in times of great sorrow and loss. While it is important that you be an active participant in the prayer and grieving process, you can also involve the greater and extended Jewish community as a whole to pray with you. Businesses that sell kaddish prayers are able to connect you to some of the greatest temples and rabbis in Jerusalem, who will be praying along with you every day until the Yahrzeit. Here are a few reasons why you should buy kaddish prayer plans (or at least consider it).

Forgetting to Pray on Your Own

No matter how devoutly you follow your faith, life does get in the way. There may be days or times when you forget to pray as you should for the deceased, but if you bought a kaddish prayer plan, you do not have to feel guilty about forgetting to pray. The rabbis assigned to you can and will pray in your stead, even when you forget.

Needing to Feel a Stronger Sense of Support

When you grieve your loss deeply, you may need to feel even greater support. While your extended family and the people in your temple are undoubtedly praying for and with you, you may want to know that your need for extended community through the Jewish faith is there with you as well. (By extended community, it is meant that other rabbis and other temples are also aware of your loss and are praying too.) Knowing that you even have rabbis in Jerusalem praying the kaddish with you may make you feel loved, supported and cherished.

Helping You Get Through a Year of Mourning

The traditional Jewish year of mourning may, at times, feel too long or too difficult. Your own rabbis can provide counsel and encouragement to see you through some of the most difficult times. The prayer support and counseling services received through your purchased kaddish plan can also lessen your heavy feelings as you interact with these assigned rabbis and let them know that you need more of their holy prayers. As the Yahrzeit approaches, you will probably begin to feel some relief, and an emotional release from knowing that your mourning process is almost complete. (Many kaddish prayer plans offer the extra service of notifying/reminding you when your year of mourning and prayer is almost done.)