Akashic Records, Astral Planes And Past Lives: What These Three Things Have In Common

If you have recently heard the phrase, "akashic records healing," you might be wondering if this is some sort of New Age recording studio or music group. In fact, it is actually a spiritual approach to healing what has been written and will be written about you on another plane of existence. It is connected to astral planes and past lives, too. If this seems confusing to you, here is some more information on what akashic records are and what it has in common with astral planes and past lives.

What Akashic Records Are--for the Record

Imagine that you have lived two, three, four or a thousand lifetimes and have been reborn into a new life again right now. For every life lived, there is a record of every minute of that past life. All of these records together exist on another plane, one which you cannot see, but you can train yourself to view. If you could see all the records of all of your past lives, imagine how they could change some of the bad habits you do and the problems you have right now. That is what these Akashic records are and the first concept behind Akashic records healing.

What Akashic Records Have in Common with Astral Planes and Past Lives

All of these spiritual concepts are tied together. Akashic records exist on an astral plane. The word "Akashic" is taken from Sanskrit, for "aether" or "ether", otherwise known as the unseen atmosphere. People who have attempted astral projection have attempted to place their spirits on an astral plane, one which allows them to view people and places without being seen themselves. However, within this astral plane, there are also dozens, hundreds, thousands or even millions of recorded events, things your spirit has already done, is doing and will do based upon your current habits and predictable behavior. You can only see your own Akashic records on this plane (supposedly).

As for past lives, it is theorized that if you can see your Akashic records on an astral plane, then you can see every last record of every life you have ever lived, including lives lived as bacteria, animals, etc. Akashic records are tied to past lives in that your past lives passed on traits and habits that already dictate your actions, and if you could see what you did in past lives, you could recognize where you are going wrong now and correct it. You could essentially rewrite your future by paying attention to the mistakes you have made in your past lives, and you can see those mistakes when you view your Akashic records on the astral plane. A reader, like Akashic Readings by Susan, LLC, can help you.