Three Types Of Events To Host To Promote Your Essential Oils Business

People who have online essential oils memberships can benefit from using social media to recruit not only customers, but also other people who may be interested in selling their own oils. While social media is valuable, you must also remember that in-person events can be highly critical for developing people's interest in your brand. Plan to have different events — which you can obviously advertise on social media — that will allow people to see, hold, and smell your essential oils. These events can help people to decide to buy the oils or inquire to learn more about membership in your program. Here are three types of events to hold.

Oils For Cooking

If your essential oils company has several food-grade oils available, having a cooking-focused gathering can be beneficial. In this event, you can talk to those in attendance about how to use essential oils to enhance the flavor of the foods that they cook while also making their lives easier. Demonstrations should be a part of this event. For example, you might wish to make a salad dressing that includes a couple of drops of lemon essential oil instead of the juice of a lemon. Give your attendees the chance to sample the dressing to note how good it tastes.

Oils For Cleaning

Many people will also be interested in using essential oils to clean with, so consider hosting an event of this nature. Essential oils are valuable for not only cleaning your home, but also cleaning the air. At this event, you might also wish to sell diffusers. If so, you should definitely have one running to make the air smell pleasant; but, you can also note how there are many different essential oils — cinnamon and tea tree, for example — that are said to purify the air. This can be valuable during cold and flu season, especially for a prospective buyer who has children.

Oils For Bath Products

Another type of event that you can host is a workshop in which attendees get to use essential oils to make bath products. You'll want to charge a small fee to offset your supplies, but this event can be appealing because people can take products home. For example, have some Epsom salts available, and encourage people to add their favorite oils — or even a blend of oils — to the salts to make a bath product that promotes relaxation. Lavender, for example, is a suitable choice.