How To Continue Your Child's Christian Summer Camp Experience

Summer is in the rearview mirror now, but that doesn't mean that your child's Christian summer camp experience has to be. If your child attended a Christian summer camp, there are ways to keep that awesome experience going for them throughout the rest of the year. Here are a few things you can do: 

Learn the songs.

What summer camp out there doesn't learn fun camp songs? Christian summer camps will have the youth shouting and singing around the campfire. Not only will they learn some fun songs, but they should also learn some gospel songs that talk about Jesus or popular Bible stories. If you get your kids to teach you these songs after their time at camp, you can sing them all year in the car or at home to keep the camp fun going.

Recreate experiences that brought your child closer to God.

Surely your child had so many fun experiences at camp. However, you may find it insightful to ask which specific experiences they feel brought them closer to God. If they were able to feel God's love for them out on a hike through the woods, then you might want to plan some hikes this year with your family. If they felt close to God while having gospel discussions around a campfire, then plan a family campfire. If you can recreate some of their most spiritual camp experiences, you can keep that camp feeling going after it's over.

Discuss difficult experiences or questions.

It's possible that not every minute of your child's experience was fun. Perhaps they struggled with an activity that was challenging or with another child. Maybe they're confused about a spiritual question. If you don't discuss some of those hard parts, they won't be resolved, and your child won't learn as much from them. Try to talk through those harder parts of their camp experience and encourage them to learn from it. If an activity was frustrating and hard, maybe you can help them find ways to learn from failure. If they don't understand something about faith, you can discuss and find answers together. This way, your child will grow even after summer camp has ended.

Print and hang up camp pictures.

If you have pictures of your camper having a blast at Christian summer camp, then you can print them out and hang them in your child's bedroom or on the fridge. You can also use them as wallpaper on a computer, tablet, or smartphone screen. That way your child has reminders of the fun time they had all throughout the year, getting them excited for their next camp experience. You can also do this with a Bible verse they connected with at camp, to remind them of how they grew spiritually.

Christian summer camp doesn't have to be forgotten just because summer is over. There are so many ways to keep the fun of camp alive for your child. Contact organizations that run Christian summer camps for more information.