How Can You Find Comfort From God?

No matter who you are, you may have experienced emotional or physical setbacks from the effects of the global pandemic. For individuals of faith, now is a better time than ever to seek comfort from God. Every religion teaches a different way of actually doing this, however, there are a few things that those seeking comfort may find as a result of their efforts. If you have been seeking and praying for comfort, it may come in a way that you were not exactly expecting. Here are a few ways that people find comfort in God.

Peace in His Promises

God has made several promises to His people. Some of His promises include forgiveness and peace after death. Sometimes it can be hard to trust people, but God always keeps his promises. If you have been seeking comfort, you may be able to feel some of God's peace in just trusting that He will fulfill His promises to you and His people. 

Unity With Fellow Believers

When there are a group of people who are all seeking to believe in God together, a wonderful feeling of unity can ensue. It can be extremely comforting to be around people who believe similarly to what you believe. In addition, many people who follow God have a desire to love and serve those around them. You may be able to receive some comfort from their efforts, though just being with them may be enough. If you have been spiritual but not necessarily religious, you may want to start attending services in order to meet people and glean comfort from being united with them. 


Trying to learn from your challenges is another wonderful way to receive comfort. You can learn from reading about the experience of others in the scriptures, or even your own family members in their journals. There are many ways to find inspiration and understanding. You may also want to pray for what God wants you to learn, or how you can overcome your current challenge. Also, keep in mind that it may take months or even years to fully understand what you were meant to learn from a specific challenge or experience. 

God grants people comfort in many ways, some of which you may not have originally been expecting. If you have been seeking comfort in God, try to keep an open mind as to how you will receive it.